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Farmshare, Week 14

Ha-HA! Thursday! We're clawing this thing back to schedule. I also wrote over 2,000 words today, so consider it victory time.

And I even took pictures.

Last week's share was, as you recall:

Sweet corn (4)
Mixed baby greens
Winter squash
Hot pepper
Fingerling potatoes

Chanterelle mushrooms
Cheddar crackers

And it is chilly, as you recall, so we basically started roasting things right out of the gate.

Chicken, part one
This was kind of quintessentially fall.

Friday night we were basically running low on staples -- dry goods, meat, cheese, etc. -- but we did have two chicken legs left from when I wanted to do Moroccan chicken. So out of the freezer they came, and were turned into quasi-herbed roasted chicken thing, with this week's basil and that older rosemary, and a lot of pepper and garlic.

Setting off the smoke alarm with the oven is, ah, also a rite of autumn passage.

The beets were the orange-glazed beets we did a few weeks ago, reprised with a different kind of orange. They still hold up, even when you aren't putting honey tangerine all over them. And the greens were our last bit of swiss chard, which I have finally found a go-to recipe for.

It's a Martha Stewart recipe, and I feel a bit weird about that (prison chard!) but eh: It had almonds and garlic and raisins and it is good without drowning the actual chard in things, and without being too bitter and bitey. It was kind of the surprise of this week, actually, and I think that's going to come around again.

Saturday, after I got off work, we finally did our trip to Kensington Market, and among the 3,000 things we hauled back (really; we go serious grocery shopping maybe every month or so) was local-made roast beef. So we made this:

Honestly with all the snacking we did between groceries I don't know how we were hungry.

The bread is more currant challah -- we've kind of been on a roll with that -- and the rest is roast beef, provolone, mustard and horseradish from yet another small cannery in the market, and then there's spinach and some caramelized chanterelle mushrooms and onions. Sandwich went in mouth. Sandwich perhaps needed a less sweet bread, alas, but it was a solid dinner.

Sunday, since we were on a roll with the cooking thing, we finally used that cauliflower:

The lone vegetarian dinner this week.

The plan had been to steam the cauliflower, and then pour a bunch of cheese sauce over it -- and the plan was working until we realized there really wasn't much cauliflower left. So we took the rest of the yellow beans and steamed them too, and made the Whitest Dish.

The cheese sauce was awesome. The leftover beets and chard were there to liven the place up. And then the leftover cheese sauce got stirred into my potato-leek soup for lunch the next day, and that was amazing too.

Monday, since we'd been to the butcher's on the weekend, we did my Official Fall Thing and roasted a chicken:

I do this every year.

This is the meal that wiped out a lot of our leftover CSA ingredients in one fell swoop: rosemary! Shelling beans! Delicious white pasta-like mushrooms! Eggs (in the walnut cake, alas not pictured). Also note: Purple potatoes! We get a few of those every year. They're super weird looking.

The deadlines caught up with us after that, but we did pull off one more this week: a quasi-Greek fettucine.

Note degradation of photography when I am tired.

We were missing an ingredient for what we actually planned to make, and so we just started pasta and threw everything in: basil, half the kale, chanterelle mushrooms; feta, olives, sundried tomatoes, the leftover roast chicken, and some olive oil. It might be a variant on that chard pasta we tried a bit back, and didn't do so well with. And it had a similar problem, in that I always make too much pasta for the topping. But all in all, not bad for seat of the pants. The flavours melded, and it wasn't too salty, and all's well there.

So. Kind of a lot of meat this week. I will say I'm storing protein for my eventual hibernation.

And no pictures of the squirrels this time, alas. I've been face down in the manuscript.

The leftover roster is standing pretty tidy right now:

New Zealand spinach (half)
Spicy dal crackers
Pancake mix
Sweet corn (4)
Winter squash
Kale (half)
Hot pepper
Fingerling potatoes (Three, in reserve for corn chowder.)
Cucumber (meagre third)
Chanterelle mushrooms
Cheddar crackers

And this week's takings were more varied:

Roma tomatoes
Grape tomatoes
Sweet corn (2)
Yellow and green beans

6 duck eggs
Semolina crackers

Glad there was garlic this week: We absolutely ran out. And I missed my eggs when we spent a few days without them.

We have a few plans in place for this week: The aforementioned corn chowder, some good sandwiches with those tomatoes, ginger carrot soup. I still don't know what P. wants to do with that pepper. I might steal it for watermelon salsa, if we can think of something appropriate to put watermelon salsa on.

Soup and meat is where it's at right now, I think. This might be the week we start putting things up for winter.


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Sep. 20th, 2013 05:56 am (UTC)
Technically, that's how it's supposed to be. The pasta is not a vehicle for the sauce; the sauce is an adornment to the pasta. This only actually works when you have really good pasta, but when you have really good pasta, it really does work.
Sep. 20th, 2013 08:07 pm (UTC)
One day I will get a pasta machine and all this will not be a problem.
Sep. 21st, 2013 12:11 pm (UTC)
I momentarily wondered what that pale blue sauce was that you seemed to be serving with everything, until I realized your plates are brown around the edges and blue in the centre.
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